Bilingualer Portugiesisch-Deutscher Erstpracherwerb (BIPODE)

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Full name Bilingualer Portugiesisch-Deutscher Erstpracherwerb (BIPODE)
Type spoken/video/exmaralda
Project E2 "Simultaneous and Successive Bilingual Language Acquisition"
Data owner Jürgen Meisel (
Short description Video recordings of three German/Portuguese simultaneous bilingual children, starting at approx. 1 year and 6 months. One or two recordings each month until approx. 5 years and 6 months. In each recording session (interviewer/child interaction) the child is addressed in both languages in one Portuguese and one German part.
Keywords simultaneous bilingualism, child bilingualism, child language acquisition, longitudinal data, L2 data, L1 data,
Language(s) German, Standard (deu), Portuguese (por),
Transcription orthographic transcription according to project internal conventions
Annotations hauptsatz, prot01, fsub01, fobl01, fsub02, fiob01, f_q_02, f_q_01, satznum, struc, pos, k, modus, nebensatz, fobj02, fobj01,
Size 446 recordings (total duration: 231:55:47.87 hours)
227 transcriptions
48 speakers
250 communications
ca. 250000 transcribed words
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            Hamburger Zentrum für Sprachkorpora
            Universität Hamburg
            Max Brauer-Allee 60
            D-22765 Hamburg
Remarks For privacy protection reasons, only the transcripts can be made available. Video recordings cannot be published.
Version(s) 0.1 [2009-09-30] - Editing completed.
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