Dolmetschen im Krankenhaus (DiK)

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Full name Dolmetschen im Krankenhaus (DiK)
Type spoken/audio/exmaralda
Project K2 "Interpreting in Hospitals"
Data owner Kristin Bührig (, Bernd Meyer (
Short description Audio recordings of various kinds of doctor-patient communication in hospitals. There are both monolingual conversations in German, Portuguese and Turkish, recorded in the respective country, and interpreted conversations recorded in Germany (i.e. in German-Turkish, German-Portuguese, and German-Portuguese/Spanish), about 15-20 recordings of each kind. The persons interpreting are bilingual hospital employees or relatives of the patients, who are all adults living in Germany but with varying knowledge of German.
Keywords community interpreting, consecutive interpreting, interpreted communication, doctor-patient communication, communication in institutions,
Language(s) German, Standard (deu), Portuguese (por), Turkish (tur),
Reference Bührig, Kristin; Kliche, Ortrun; Pawlack, Birte & Meyer, Bernd (2012): The corpus “Interpreting in Hospitals”: Possible applications for research and communication training. In: Schmidt, Thomas & Wörner, Kai (eds.): Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis. Hamburg Studies in Multilingualism (14), 305-315. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Transcription orthographic transcription according to HIAT
Annotations k [=Free Comment], sup [=suprasegmental information], akz [=accentuation/stress], en [=English translation], mT [=Morphological transliteration], de [=German translation],
Size 92 recordings (total duration: 23:01:18.53 hours)
165689 transcribed words
92 transcriptions
189 speakers
91 communications
Remarks For privacy protection reasons, only the pseudonymized transcripts can be made available. Audio recordings cannot be published.
Version(s) 1.0 [2009-01-05] - Editing completed.
1.1 [2011-09-07] - All transcriptions revised, Audio Alignment refined.
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