Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting (CoSi)

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Full name Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting (CoSi)
Type spoken/audio+video/exmaralda
Project K6 "Coherence in interpreter-mediated discourse"
Data owner Bernd Meyer (
Short description Audio and video recordings of three lectures in Portuguese, one simultaneously and two consecutively professionally interpreted into German. For the simultaneouly interpreted lecture there are different recordings and transcriptions for the participants.
Keywords professional interpreting, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, expert-laymen communication,
Language(s) German, Standard (deu), Portuguese (por),
Reference House, Juliane; Meyer, Bernd & Schmidt, Thomas (2012): CoSi - A Corpus of Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting. In: Schmidt, Thomas & W├Ârner, Kai (eds.): Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis. Hamburg Studies in Multilingualism (14), 295-304. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Transcription orthographic transcription according to HIAT
Annotations k [=Free Comment], sup [=suprasegmental information], akz [=accentuation/stress], de [=German translation],
Size 5 recordings (total duration: 5:44:43.31 hours)
35432 transcribed words
5 transcriptions
8 speakers
3 communications
Version(s) 0.9 [2008-02-14] - Preview version
1.0 [2009-01-05] - First official version
1.1 [2010-02-26] - Improved and completed alignement
Corpus homepage: